▪️What is a Mint Pass?

Mint passes are NFTs that grant the holder the ability to mint a work from a specific artist's collection.

The Mint Pass on Babylon is essentially a “ticket” that you purchase when a drop goes live, which is redeemable for that particular NFT edition. Each Mint Pass also serves a single entry into the raffle for that drop.

The Mint Pass is currently a necessary intermediate step on Babylon because NFT editions are listed for one week, and available for minting only after the full edition has sold out or been settled.

In case an edition does not sell out within the maximum period of one week and is not settled, the Mint Pass guarantees you a refund. To claim your refund, return to the listing’s page and click on “Claim Funds” – the full sum (excl. gas fees) will be returned to the wallet you used to purchase the Mint Pass.

As we add new sales mechanics on Babylon in the future, Mint Passes will be a required step only for certain listing types.

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