▪️The NFT edition I bought a Mint Pass for didn't sell out. What now?

The default duration of NFT drops on Babylon is currently set to one week. If the NFT edition you purchased a Mint Pass for does not sell out fully within seven days and has not been settled by the artist, you will be entitled to a refund on your Mint Pass (excl. gas fees) and no raffle will be held for that NFT drop. You can claim your refund by visiting the listing page and clicking on “Claim Refund”.

Artists may decide to settle their listing at any time, provided they have sold at least one Mint Pass for that listing. In these cases, Mint Pass holders are able to mint their NFTs and the raffle is held among holders of sold Mint Passes only.

Please note that when a listing is settled, the edition is still mintable, with its size reduced to the number of Mint Passes sold. As such, no refunds are offered on Mint Passes for settled editions.

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