▪️How do I buy NFTs on Babylon?

To buy an NFT on Babylon, you must connect your MetaMask or WalletConnect-compatible wallet.

Once an official Babylon listing opens, it will be displayed on the “Explore” page – head there and select the listing that you are interested in.

Click on the listing to open it – you’ll see all the information about it, as well as a “Buy Mint Pass” button. Click on the button, select the amount of Mint Passes you want to purchase, and confirm the transaction in the pop-up window that will appear. Bear in mind that you will need additional Ethereum in your wallet to cover gas fees.

The Mint Pass that you purchased for your NFT edition guarantees that you will obtain your NFT when the entire edition sells out or the listing is settled. Your Mint Pass also acts as an entry for the 1/1 raffle that accompanies each edition drop.

Once an edition sells out or is settled, you need to head back to the listing page and redeem your Mint Pass to mint the NFT by clicking on the “Mint Edition” button. The NFT will then be minted to the wallet you connected to Babylon with and appear in your Babylon profile.

If the edition you purchased a Mint Pass for does not sell out within a week and is not settled, you will be refunded (excl. gas fees) and the raffle will not take place. To get a refund on your Mint Pass, head back to the listing page and click on “Claim Funds”.

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